Friday, January 16, 2009

Figure 45: decision evaluation at different oil prices

Figure 44: Perceived and real effort during a PhD

Figure 43: fraction of ideas that make it to products

Figure 42: fast-food establishment occupancy on Saturday night

Figure 41: taxi-cab availability on Saturday night

Figure 40: ways to increase Bush's approval rating

Figure 39: why McCain chose Palin

Figure 38: Blackberries per capita in Cambridge, MA

Figure 37: relevant timescales for different professions

Figure 36: Facebook's role during birthdays

Figure 35: new friends at MIT

Figure 34: factors that make a paper attractive for publication

Figure 33: business card deployment dynamics

Figure 32: sustainability in public discourse at different values of GDP

Figure 31: clothing layers vs. outside temperature

Figure 30: reasons for being attentive at seminars

Figure 29: reasons for being distracted at a seminar

Figure 28: spending profile for a budget allocation

Figure 27: affection offered vs. price of gift

Figure 26: distribution of working hours in different labs

Figure 25: cultural and other shocks of a traveler

Figure 24: vote-changing power and relevance of different issues

Figure 23: divided mind during finals' week

Figure 22: time needed for different construction projects

Figure 21: timetable for Thanksgiving

Figure 20: energy content vs. price per meal

Figure 19: diminishing marginal returns on experimentation

Figure 18: positive feedback in the amount of work

Figure 17: learning curves for different activities

Figure 16: effect of marketing phrases on sales

Figure 15: categorization of humans and human activities

Figure 13: entropy of a dorm room

Figure 12: distribution of flyers by content